A tribute to the Apollo 10 mission

Apollo 10 insignia

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54th Anniversary in 2023 of Apollo 10 mission is over since: 
last test before lunar landing with LM flight in lunar orbit
Command Module:  Charlie Brown
Lunar Module:  Snoopy
Launch:  18-May-1969 16:49:00 UTC
Landing:  26-May-1969 16:52:23 UTC
Lunar orbits:  31
Lunar orbit time:  2 d   13 h   37 m   23 s
Mission duration:  8 d   00 h   03 m   23 s
Eugene A. Cernan (l), LMP - Thomas P. Stafford (c), CDR - John W. Young (r), CMP
Image: S69-32613, Credit NASA
Eugene A. Cernan (l)  - Lunar Module Pilot
Thomas P. Stafford (c)  - Commander
John W. Young (r)  - Command Module Pilot

Apollo 10 was the second mission to the moon. It was the last preparing mission for the lunar landing. With Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan flying the LM Snoopy in lunar orbit and docking it at CSM Charly Brown with John Young waiting for them, every needed maneuver necessary for the lunar landing was practiced once, except the landing itself.

Apollo 10 war die zweite Mission zum Mond. Mit dem Flug von Tom Stafford und Gene Cernan des LM Snoopy im Mondorbit und dem Wiederandocken an das CSM Charly Brown, in dem John Young auf sie wartete, sind alle für Mondlandung nötigen Manöver einmal praktisch ausgeführt worden, außer die Landung selbst.

LM ascent stage before docking with CSM
Image base: AS10-34-5112, Credit NASA