53th Anniversary of the Apollo 7 mission

Apollo 7 insignia

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first manned Apollo mission
Launch:  11-Oct-1968 15:02:45 UTC
Landing:  22-Oct-1968 11:11:48 UTC
Earth orbits:  163
Mission duration:  10 d   20 h   09 m   02 s
Donn F. Eisele (l), CMP - Walter M. Schirra (l), CDR - Walter Cunningham (r), LMP
Image base: S68-53187, Credit NASA
Donn F. Eisele (l)  - Command Module Pilot
Walter M. Schirra (c)  - Commander
Walter Cunningham (r)  - Lunar Module Pilot

Apollo 7 was the first manned Apollo mission. In earth orbit the crew practiced rendezvous maneuvers with the S-IVB stage of the Saturn 1B rocket which had took them into earth orbit. These maneuvers were relevant exercises as they simulated the later need of docking with the LM.

Apollo 7 war die erste bemannte Apollo Mission. Im Erdorbit hat die Crew Rendezvousmanöver mit der S-IVB Stufe der Saturn 1B Rakete, die sie in den Orbit brachte, praktiziert. Diese Manöver waren relevante Übungen, sie haben das spätere Andocken an das LM simuliert.

Apoll 7 S-IVB stage
Image base: S68-53187, Credit NASA
All video, image, audio and transcript material: Credit NASA
First digitalization of many videos and audios: Credit
Kipp Teague, Gerald Megason, Ken Glover, Robert Godwin, Mick Hyde, Peter Dayton, Gary Neff

Special thanks to A Tribute to Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station for the efforts of collecting media and giving a tribute to all who worked there.